Fulvic Minerals Sachet

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Fulvic Infused SACHETS- UCAN do it

Fulvic Minerals Sachet

Small things have a significant impact on our health. One of these tiny things is the smallest size particle in humus that has the lowest molecular weight and is named as Fulvic acid. Forming part of the mineral content that a balanced diet needs, this acid has the most moderate carbon content while having the highest oxygen content too. This characteristic exclusively lightens the significance of Fulvic minerals as low oxygen level has been seen as the primary cause of many diseases. For easing and measuring the consumption of Fulvic minerals, NuWTR has produced Fulvic minerals drops Sachet packs.

Product description:

Fulvic Minerals are available for consumption in organic and inorganic forms. History of consuming Fulvic minerals in natural form has been seen, but this modern era needs everything at easy access. This pack is produced with the same mission that people can save their bodies from many incurable diseases by making Fulvic minerals an essential part of their diet.

Research has been done on Fulvic minerals benefits for a long time. These have resulted in numerous impacts on human health and preventions of diseases which mainly includes cancer. According to Dr. Otto Warburg (German physiologist and medical doctor), a healthy body should have alkaline tissues. Acidic tissues contain diseases e.g., cancerous tissues are acidic. His study has suggested that Fulvic Minerals helps in keeping body alkaline which ultimately means that keeping the body healthy.

Fulvic minerals are great for skin too. They help in improving wound healing ability of a body, reduction in infections, improved skin conditions which include a decrease in severity, burning and inflammation sensations of wounds of eczema.

Another skin benefit has been seen as anti-aging promotion through the consumption of Fulvic minerals as they help in tightening the skin and inducing more muscle contractions. It will help your skin to fight from wrinkles and make you feel younger with fresh and moisturized skin.

Dosage and Directions:

The Fulvic minerals sachets come in drops form which needs to be diluted in water or water substitute for consumption.

  • For adults: 1 sachet should be diluted in 230ml-440ml of water or any water substitute like fresh juices. This can be taken up to 3 times a day, depending upon your diet and health conditions.
  • For Children: 1 sachet should be diluted in 230ml-440ml of water or any water substitute like fresh juices. This can be taken up to 2 times a day or as prescribed by the pediatrician.


Fulvic minerals drops come in individual serving sachets. One bag of the product contains 30 sachets. So if you are taking one sachet a day, one pack would last for a month.

Special Precautions:

  • Use of Fulvic minerals drops is not tested for Pregnancy and Lactation phases, hence use is not recommended.
  • The packet should be out of the reach of children.
  • Seal of the sachets stick bags individually shall be ensured before use and seal of the packet containing sachets shall also be ensured before purchasing. The torn pack should not be bought in the first place.
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