COVID-19 Letter from Corporate

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COVID-19 Letter from Corporate

Dear Brand Partners and friends,

Many of you have reached out to see if our product can be beneficial to this crippling disease that has struck the world!

Well here is my health and wellness suggestion as a therapist:

The is a virus and viruses attack unhealthy and high-level acid-prone cells. Every virus does that. Our mainframe of attack is the same as any flu symptoms: drink water, rest, and isolate.

So, what can our product bring to a suffering flu patient? It first reduces the acidity, but the most important aspects of our product are OXYGENATION and DETOX! Cellular energy is very important in this case because increasing oxygen in the whole body reduces the chance of an attack by a virus. Viruses know they have no chance against a highly oxygenated body that maintains high alkalinity. Viruses live in acid-prone cells! You increase your attack mechanism by taking fulvic acid. At this time, I would even suggest taking fulvic three times a day to maintain a presence in your body CONSTANTLY.

Now, THIS IS NOT A CURE, and we must adopt a very healthy lifestyle also. Eating a balanced diet, with living foods, not dead foods like meats, drink 4 liters of water every day, exercise, take 3 15 minutes anti-stress breaks where you can listen to spa music, meditate or just sit still and listen and do nothing! Turn off your phone for 30 minutes a day and store it away from your bedroom during the night. These are all steps to increase energy in your body by putting less strain on your digestive system, your adrenal glands, and your nervous system.

Now I have attached our preliminary paper from our Research Team on the benefits of our fulvic acid on the mitochondria and the positive effects of oxygen on the cell. This is great third-party validation for those of you that enjoy scientific data. This is a great document to appease your clients and friend on the power and relevance of our product line.

Again, adopting a holistic approach to your health will build immunity and you get through this whether you get the flu or not.

In health and wellness,

Marc Saint-Onge

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