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"You can trace every sickness, every ailment and every disease to a mineral deficiency."

Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate


By detoxifying on a regular basis. Your body’s is channels of elimination (colon, lymphatic system. kidnyes and liver) & metabolic processes are able to function more efficiently.

NuWTR increases the nutrient delivery for body repair. By giving the body the eassential minerals it needs
the body can perform its ongoing miracles.

Providing cellular detoxification, healthy gut biome,
in a liquid form making it quickly absorbable containing all vitamins, minerals for your daily diet support.



The Health Benefits of Humic / Fulvic Acid

Our mission is clear “to improve global health by providing sciences-based wellness and longevity products”. We focus on a holistic, natural approach with formulas designed to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. NuWTR Products contain our proprietary bio nutrient called Fulvic Minerals.




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40 Fulvic Tabs

Fulvic Tablets! 

Enjoy your BLACKOXYGEN fulvic acid in tablet form packaged individually in our blister packs. Most of our members typically take 1 tablet per day and also enjoy a second serving on workout days or those anytime they need that extra pick me up. Brand Partners looking to build their business love using these blister packs as samples as well or keep a sleeve of 10 tablets in their office, car, purse, gym bag or anywhere they want quick access to their daily dose.



125g Fulvic Care Powder

125g Fulvic Care Powder

Fulvic Care

Loose Fulvic/Humic Powder in a 125g Pouch, Pure fulvic, NO PRESERVATIVES, Multi purpose use, 2.5g for one daily dosage of fulvic in 500ml of water, Add 25g of fulvic in a bath, Add 2.5g with baking soda and water for a mask.





Start Your Day!

If you delight in your morning coffee this is an amazing choice. We infuse a rich Italian dark coffee with Fulvic Minerals so you can get the benefits of mineralizing your body and your coffee ritual at the same time. Coffee is presented in a K-Cup for use with any home or commercial style Kuerig machine.







Our Mission is to improve global health by providing science-based wellness and longevity products. We focus on a holistic, natural approach with formulas designed to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Having located one of the richest Peat Bogs in the world we are working hard to educate people how using fulvic mineral based products provides to the body essential elements to create homeostasis in all body systems.

This is a ‘Mission’ worth pursuing!
To your health and abundant life…
Marc, Carlo and NuWTR Team


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Fulvic Minerals Sachet

Fulvic Minerals Sachets

Fulvic Minerals Sachets


Fulvic Minerals Bottled

Fulvic Minerals Bottled


Fulvic Infused coffee

Fulvic Infused coffee

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